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Fri Aug 14 at 10:00 am EST
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This beginner friendly class uses an adult sized hula hoop to teach the foundations of hoop dance. In a class you will learn both on and off body hooping. On body hooping: you will learn how to hoop on your waist, hips, chest, shoulders, and legs.Off body hooping: you will learn how to hoop on your hands, as well as weaves, lifts, and other tricks. This class will build your coordination while exercising your entire body. This low-impact cardio class will have you burning calories while having fun!
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You will need an adult size hula hoop for this class, or a hula hoop that you are very comfortable using.
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    Fri Aug 14 at 10:00 am EST
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Hoop Dance
60 Minute Session
Fri Aug 14 at 09:00 am EST
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Nicole lives in Vermont with her loving husband and two dogs. Growing up an athlete, Nicole has been involved with fitness her whole life. As an adult she fell in love with ballet and Pilates which eventually guided her towards hoop dance. In 2012, Nicole earned her certifications in hoop dance and hoop fitness. A year later, she became the first HoopYogini certified instructor and is now a Master Trainer. Nicole has since then pursued a deeper understanding of yoga by earning more certifications. When not in a hoop or on a yoga mat, Nicole can be found training her dogs in agility and tricks.
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